CEO Message

“ began with the broad idea of bringing joy into children’s lives through story read-aloud sessions. Most children in Pakistan, particularly those in underprivileged communities are experiencing a childhood devoid of storytelling, a necessary ingredient for emotional well-being. And yet, we have literate caring adults all around us who would like to promote education. Hence, I decided to uberise the concept, and create a simple and scalable story read aloud programme, that would connect volunteers with children in underserved communities in their neighborhoods.
When compassionate adults enter communities of underserved, often forgotten children, greet them warmly and settle in their midst to read them a story, an environment of comfort and trust is built. Children feel safe to voice their thoughts and ask questions. They need to feel heard and we must listen to them. In today’s world, traumatic, violent, non child-friendly news comes unfiltered into their lives every day, increasing their struggle against the harsh realities of day-to-day life.
When caring adults enter this scenario they cover them with an umbrella of care and compassion that nurtures their emotional well-being.
We envision a Pakistan where every child in every village and city grows up with memories of joyful story sessions.
We see classrooms and communities where inspiring
GoReaders engage with children, laughing and crying together over things that matter. Children learn the value of peace, tolerance, social responsibility and love; while improving their literacy, developing creativity and a love for reading and learning, one story at a time.
It’s time for reading to become our superpower!”