GoReader Volunteer Program Aao Saath Parhain

Do you feel passionate about giving back to your country and bringing joy to the lives of children but struggle to find the time or resources to do so?

Join the GoRead.pk program today! By reading joyful and engaging stories aloud to children, you can open their minds, empower them and help shape their future.

To become a GoReader (volunteer) you simply need to dedicate your time and we will take care of the rest.

Our Volunteer program is restarting in September 2024!

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GoReader Testimonials

“In the current educational climate there is little room for fun and developing one’s imagination. GoRead.pk is a brilliant initiative. When stories based on our local Pakistani context are shared with children they can relate to them, giving children a sense of belonging.”
Sanam Saeed, TV Actress and Film star
“Reading to children stimulates them to think, and when you stop and discuss stories with them you realise that they are very intelligent, and they can teach you more than you know, and that is beautiful.”
Dr. Zubaida Qureshi, Radiologist
“It was incredible! Each student shared how they felt when they were new at school. They shared how Allah has made us all special and we should accept one another with our goods and negatives! It’s so heartwarming that most had points that I had not even thought about. They all told me how much taking home the last book and reading to their siblings and parents was such a fun experience for them.”
Romana Ahmad, Educationist
teacher teaching students

About the GoReader Volunteer Programme Initiative

GoRead.pk provides literate adults over the age of 18 years with an opportunity to work together towards changing the educational landscape of Pakistan. Volunteers, or ‘GoReaders’, will dedicate one hour a week of their time for a minimum of six weeks, to read stories aloud to children in underprivileged classrooms and communities across Pakistan.
Joyful story sessions will allow children to improve their language skills, learn new ideas, develop character and positive attitudes and give them a space to voice their thoughts and express themselves. Through this experience of reading to children in underprivileged communities, GoReaders will be exposed to the grassroot realities of Pakistan’s education system as well as the other challenges in the lives of the children they have set out to serve.
It is inevitable that when there is increased interaction between different segments of society, the divide will decrease, people will learn from each other and work together towards a literate and empowered Pakistan.
story reading session