Programme Design

We envision a Pakistan where every child, in every village and city grows up with memories of joyful read aloud story sessions, focusing on the development of positive personality traits with an emphasis on Tarbia (character development), Ehsaas (compassion) and Adab (literature).
  • Our structured read aloud programmes

    Connecting GoReaders (literate and caring adults) to communities of underprivileged children across Pakistan.

  • Our publishing house

    We create and develop stories in English, Urdu and regional languages (print and digital) that focus on joyful reading experiences and developing positive character traits in children.

  • A mobile library system

    Allows children to borrow a book from our mobile library every week to take home to encourage opportunities for independent reading.

  • Measuring the impact

    Monitoring and evaluating tools are used to measure the impact of story listening and reading aloud on children’s mindset and attitudes that allows us to tailor our programme to achieve our goals. (see more under Impact)

  • Community Empowerment

    Each GoReader will nominate another caring adult from the community who takes over the sessions as a GoReader. We believe that true sustained and growing impact is achieved by allowing local community ownership and empowerment.

programme design

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