Volunteer Read Aloud Program

GoRead.pk provides literate adults over the age of 18 years with an opportunity to work together towards changing the educational landscape of Pakistan. Volunteers, or ‘GoReaders’, will dedicate one hour a week of their time for a minimum of six weeks, to read stories aloud to children in underprivileged classrooms and communities across Pakistan.

Joyful story sessions will allow children to improve their language skills, learn new ideas, develop character and positive attitudes and give them a space to voice their thoughts and express themselves. Through this experience of reading to children in underprivileged communities, GoReaders will be exposed to the grassroot realities of Pakistan’s education system as well as the other challenges in the lives of the children they have set out to serve.

It is inevitable that when there is increased interaction between different segments of society, the divide will decrease, people will learn from each other and work together towards a literate and empowered Pakistan.

Our Overall Reach For Volunteer Program Series 4 and 5.